Washing & care

Quick care advice:

  • Hot wash before wear, up to 40 degrees celsius (wash and dry a minimum of 3 times for best results) nappies will be at peek performance when they have had several washes.)
  • After use. . . place any solids into the toilet
  • rinse nappy and place in a dry bucket
  • Wash nappies every second day, long/heavy duty cycle, warm wash is recommended for better cleaning results.
  • Line dry
  • Do not iron
  • Tumble drying will shorten the life span of your nappies and is only recommended occasionally on low.

Detailed care advice:

  • When your nappies arrive the first thing you will want to do is put them on baby but your nappies will need to be prepped before use. Wash & dry nappies a minimum of three times on a hot wash (up to 40 degrees celsius) before use, this will ensure the best absorbency possible. Your nappies will reach their full absorbency level when they have had around 7 washes. You can do 1 hot wash before use but keep in mind your nappies will not last as long until they have had several washes.
  • Rinse soiled nappies into toilet and place in a dry nappy bucket. We suggest using a 'dry bucket' method, this will require no liquids in the bucket just rinse the nappy and place straight in the bucket. Please do not soak your nappies in napisan or any soaking agents, this is intended for use on the old 'terry squares' your mum would have used on you! it will delaminate your nappies making them no longer waterproof.
  • Ensure to put solids from a dirty nappy into the toilet before placing them in the bucket (it's also a good idea to rinse them) if baby is drinking only breast milk, you may notice after nappies have been washed there is a yellowish stain that still remains, don't worry your nappies are still clean! and this will very easily fade when they dry in the sun.
  • Wash nappies every second day do not leave any longer than this as it will shorten the life span of your nappies
  • Ensure to unsnap the rise snaps on the nappies that have them as leaving them done up will put unnecessary strain on the nappies and cause uneven fading.
  • Place nappies in washing machine
  • Do not use detergents that contain, bleach, optical brighteners, fabric softener, enzymes. These will break down the fibres of the nappy and are unnecessary to get a good clean.
  • Wash in warm or hot water (up to 40 degrees celsius) for best clean, with the recommended amount of detergent. Heavy Duty/ Long wash cycle. Avoid using vinegar based detergents, detergents that are highly fragrant, bleach or fabric softener. (good detergents are normally the cheaper brands and more environmentally friendly brands as they use less additives)
  • Line dry (if line drying we suggest putting nappies horizontally on the line rather than vertically this way the weight will not stretch the elastic while drying)

Tips & tricks:

  • Drying nappies in a tumble dryer is not suggested but can be done occasionally on a low heat/spin cycle for those wet days where nothing seems to dry!
  • Don’t iron your nappies (really, how much time do us mum’s have?)
  • If you have any problems with stains the sun is the best bleaching agent, try squirting a bit of lemon juice on the stain and leaving out in the sun.
  • Nappies can be washed with other clothing if desired.

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