How to use

How to use your snap in one multi fit nappies

How to use your all in one multi fit nappies

  1. Adjust the leg elastic from inside the opening at the back of the nappy
  2. Add extra absorbent booster if required
  3. Fit on baby and ensure there is no gaps

How to use your FLEXA pull up nappy

  1. Fold the bamboo pad into thirds and insert into the back of the nappy
  2. Do up the snaps to where suits your baby
  3. pull up on your child!

Tips & tricks

  • The fit of the nappy is very important to ensure there is no leaks, make sure there is no gaps or fabric from clothing that can creep in under the nappies 'shell'.

  • when fitting the nappy, ensure the leg elastic is sitting where underwear would normally sit, not down bubs leg.


If you need any more advice on how to fit your nappies please forward photos of the fit on your baby too -

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