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they are so easy to use, my toddler just pulls them straight up and straight down. you can pack them out with boosters for overnight. they are super absorbent during the day. perfect!
very happy with these nappies. absolutely beautiful designs and very high quality. all Aussie made too! it doesn't get much better, highly recommend Itty bitty bums nappies
Great product!
really happy with how well these fit my little guy

I only bought 1 to try but wish I bought more! These are a such a good fit on my big 16 month old! I love that they are a big osfm as I've found a lot of other brands to be quite small! Good absorbancy and insert drys within 1 day out in the sun 😁 Overall a great nappy, very happy with my purchase 😊

Kura (snap in one multi fit)                

I thought I'd send a quick message to say I'm really enjoying my Itty Bitty Bums. Max has been in his IBB nappies full-time since birth. The colours are beautiful, and unlike     other cloth nappies i have used they fit from a very young age! these were actually the only one size nappies that fit my son from day dot. I now actually enjoy using cloth nappies instead of disposables thanks to your nappies
Absolutely loving the new V3 absorbent pads! we had a couple of issues with the V2 absorbent pads which were followed up and replaced very promptly. I am so happy with your wonderful customer service, something i look for when buying products.


Love my IBB OSFM snap-in-ones! Lovely trim fit, look comfy on bubs, and very simple to use. These are easily the nicest looking nappies in my stash, and I'm looking forward to getting more! Well worth the money, and great to find something Australian made, and still more affordable than many of the more well-known brands that are made overseas. Great quality, lovely soft minky, and the nicest designs and patterns of any I've seen. Through summer, my little man never has shorts on because everyone wants to see his cute nappies. He's now five months old and has had no red marks or sweat rash since changing to cloth nappies - before we made the switch, he had very painful sweat rash but has not had any since. Also much more convenient when the nearest grocery store is 1.5 hours away!


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my IBB's. After just one wash the absorbency is great. Prefect fit on my 10 week old (compared to other OSFM nappies). Not to mention the absolutely gorgeous prints and super soft minky. Great service and great nappy. Thank you :)


I have just tried the OSFM natural nights bamboo fitteed for my 8mo heavy wetter. As they have only had three pre-washes, I have used them with the IBB super nights trifold booster. Last night it held up for 13 hours, including a 4am feed, and while it was very wet, it didn't leak and my little boy wasn't complaining and grizzling to be changed. I went with these because they were less than $30, and OSFM. I just couldn't justify buying sized nappies, especially since many of them are just too bulky to use during the day if they fail as a night nappy. This nappy has two long bamboo boosters inside, one with a stay dry top, so if it didn't suit as a night nappy it would be easy to remove a booster and make it a non-bulky day use fitted. However this is definitely working as a night nappy for us, and my boy is usually leaking out of a toddler sized disposable when he wakes, and definitely wouldn't make it through the night in a disposable if he has a feed during the night. It's also not as wide between the legs as my BBH medium night nappy I had tried, but has comparable absorbancy with the night trifold booster after only three washes. I'm assuming it will only get more absorbant with use. Because of the different snap in absorbancy options, it would be a good night option from small baby to toilet training. If needed, as he gets bigger I can always add a prefold to the outside for extra absorbancy without having to try a whole new night nappy system. I'm really happy with these.My husband was also very impressed when he took the nappy off after 13 hours this morning! His skin looked much better than it does after being in disposables overnight, and he is still able to move around freely because it isn't too bulky. It also feels much softer and nicer on the skin than the other night nappy I have tried.


I never leave reviews but really wanted to leave a review about your product, these are by far the best nappies on the market. I have tried so many brands and different styles but these are so much better than the rest not only in style but comfort, affordability, quality and evrything else. So happy they are all Australian made and i know i am supporting an Australian family when i purchase them. thank you for such a wonderful nappy, I will be spreading the word.


Hi, Thank you for the quick delivery of my order, I am extremely happy with the nappies and can't wait to give them to my grandchild. i know his mother will love them. I am so shocked at how much the cloth nappy world has changed since my day of having fold the nappies and put those terrible plastic covers over the top, you are doing a wonderful job.


Hi, just wanted to let you know that IBBs are my absolute favourite cloth nappy brand. I have a few of the other "major" brands and these ones are by far the cutest. I've never had a problem with leakage, and the inserts dry much faster than other nappy inserts i have. Love!


IBB are the best MCN I have tried. I ordered 5 different trial packs from different companies and IBB was the best! I ended up selling others that either failed or were just not our style so I could fund more IBB nappies. The fit is just great, the absorbency is so dependable, they feel soft and I love the designs! Very cute! I also need to say that Cassie has the best customer service in terms of efficiency and also advice. I have enquired about other MCNs to different companies and either been ignored or just replied to quite bluntly, Cassie's got excellent communication skills with a high level of professionalism but at the same friendly, warm and a great "mum-to-mum" feel about her!' Cannot wait to get my next fluffy mail.


Thank you for your excellent customer service. Your products are very high quality and easy to use i will be recommending your brand to whoever will listen.


I Just want to say a huge thank you to the people who deal with 'customer service' side of Itty Bitty Bums :) You've been wonderful & so quick to respond to my emails-and your nappies are beautiful! Definitely a favourite in this house. They fit like and glove & the minky is sooooo soft! Thank you! You're doing an awesome job. :) - A very happy customer/mummy!


Hi, just want to let everyone know how great these nappies are, I am such a big IBB fan now. Cassie is great to deal with and has alot of knowledge in MCN's. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this brand of cloth nappy, i will be placing an order for a bulk pack very soon. Thank you again.


The 3 nappies I bought arrived last week and I had them prepped and ready to try by Friday. So far I love them, they seem to fit so well with no leaks. After an extra long nap my baby wound up in one for 4 hours, and then promptly pooped on getting out of bed, and still no dramas! So I bought another 6 over the weekend to add to the collection.


Hi Cassie, my husband wanted me to send in a testimonial for your nappies. We have tried so many brands with our kids and he has said that these are the easiest for him to use which is a big plus for me!! i found your nappies to hold so much on my toddler and the fit is superb which is mainly what i look for in cloth nappies. Thank you so much for your wonderful nappies and great customer service I will be recommending you to all of my friends. Thank you


Our nappies arrived on Friday (Woo!!!) and I washed and tried them out on my 18mo old and my 2mo old right away and we aboslutely ADORE them! They are truly so fabulous, they look amazing, they're SO well made, by far the best I've ever bought, and they work really, really well! I love both styles, and would buy both styles again, but you were so right, the snap in ones are now my go to nappy. These nappies make me want to have more babies so that I can keep buying and using them!


Our nappies arrived last week, yay! I washed them and couldn't wait to get them on my 7 month old. i couldn't believe how soft they are, super absorbent for the trimness of them and they are just so cute. They are 'that' nappy i can't wait to get washed and back on. Thank you we will be placing another order soon. Peta.


Hello i just recieved my order and i think i am going to have alot of trouble using them becuase they are so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much i love them.


I have had a little crush on your nappies since i found them and i couldn't decide which one to buy. after much anticipation i finally decided and placed my order, i got them not long after, i washed  and dried them and got them ready for when bub arrived. when i decided to use cloth nappies everyone told me not to "you will get sick of washing them" "they are so bulky" "they are so hard" but i still stuck to my decision and used cloth mainly for enviromental reasons. I was absolutely shocked when i used them for the first couple of weeks as they are so easy (i really don't know what everyone is winging about) and your nappies make it so much easier as they are so beautiful and cute i am glad i found you straight away so i didn't have to search through alot of other brands to find a good one that didn't leak. my son is now 6 months old and just started crawling and has been in itty bitty bums his whole life, his siblings will be in them to thank you so so much for such a good product (now i just have to convince my friends) 


I got my parcel last week, im so in loooove!! they work so wonderfully, thank you, thank you, thank you!


I wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for your wonderful products the fit is superb on my little olivia. Your nappies make change time a pleasure.


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. This was the first time I have used cloth nappies and it was so easy and stress free. My package arrived the next day after ordering i washed them once then put them straight on, i was shocked at how long they lasted after my friends telling me not to use cloth. Thank you for your wonderful service and nappies. I will definately recommend you and use your products again in the future!


Hi, thought I'd leave some feedback for great service. Just purchased some nappies at half the price and much better quality than any other company I could find. Thanks for making cloth nappies so easy. I will definitely be buying more soon.


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