Please contact us if you have any manufacturing faults, we always want to keep our customers happy and will go above and beyond to assist you in any problems that may arise.

All Itty Bitty Bums products are intended for use in accordance with the purchase instructions. All products selected for use by children should be given careful adult inspection and therefore should be used under proper adult supervision at all times.

All Itty Bitty Bums products come with a 90 day warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers all workmanship and materials.

Your warranty is void if products are found to have been used incorrectly, which include but are not limited to:
  • Washing nappies in a hot wash (exceeding 40 degrees celcius,)
  • Using fabric softener, vinegar or bleach
  • Using non MCN safe nappy rash cream without a liner,
  • Doing a strip wash on our nappies that differentiates from The recommended strip wash
  • Washing or soaking your nappies that differentiates from The recommended washing instructions.
  • Using bleach on your nappies.
  • Soaking your nappies in napisan or any other soaking agent.
  • Using the nappy in a way other than intended.
  • Modifying the nappy in any way.

Your warranty does not cover but is not limited to:

  • Improper fit - Itty Bitty Bums nappies fit a wide selection of babies but unfortunately we cant fit all babies as they are all so unique.
  • Nappies from our 'seconds' listings or those that are noted and sold with a fault, with the inner tag showing an 'X' or clipped
  • Nappies purchased second hand
  • Nappies that smell or leak
  • Fabric fade, pilling or discolouration.
  • products that are purchased on sale
  1. To claim your warranty, email photos of the fault (please include a detailed description) along with proof of purchase. You may be required to send the product back to us.
  2. Misuse of the product will void any warranty
  3. If your product is defective, we will either repair or replace with the same or similar product.
  4. Please email us prior to posting your item you wish to return

If any issues arise with your products purchased from Itty Bitty Bums please use the contact form below or email sales@ittybittybums.com.au

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