LIME flexa pull up nappy

LIME flexa pull up nappy
LIME flexa pull up nappy
LIME flexa pull up nappy
LIME flexa pull up nappy
LIME flexa pull up nappy

Do you have a wiggly baby who wont stop moving at change time?

Do you have a child who is wet overnight but does not require a bulky night nappy?

Then this nappy is just what you have been looking for




Each nappy is supplied with a tri-fold (folded in thirds) thick, super absorbent bamboo pad, giving you 6 layers of high quality bamboo fleece. Please note: this has the full absorbency of a day nappy


This nappy is a pull up style pocket nappy, it is stretchy all the way around! making it easier at change time for parents of wiggly babies and perfect for those children who are toilet training. The IBB pull up nappy has a opening in the back called a 'pocket' where you can add the absorbent pad between the stay-dry suedecloth (to keep your bub dry and comfortable) inner and waterproof/breathable outer fabric. Please note: this has the full absorbency of a day nappy


  • waterproof and breathable high quality PUL outer fabric to keep moisture in
  • 'stay dry' suedecloth inner fabric to draw moisture away
  • Each nappy comes with a tri-fold, bamboo, thick absorbent pad that is inserted inside the nappy for absorbency
  • Adjustable snaps to get the perfect fit on the waist and thigh
  • 360 degrees of stretch! super easy for your child to pull up and down themselves if they are potty training and easier for parents to pull the nappy up while toddler is standing

This nappy will NOT require a cover.


  1. Fold the bamboo pad in thirds and insert it into the pocket opening located at the back of the nappy
  2. find the correct snap placement for your child and pull the nappy up, easy!
  3. ensure to remove absorbency before washing the nappy




Quick care advice:

  • Hot wash before wear, up to 40 degrees celsius (wash and dry a minimum of 3 times for best results) ensure to wash the absorbent pad separate to the nappy 'shell' with like colours. Nappies will be at peek performance when they have had several washes.

After use:

  • place any solids into the toilet

  • remove the absorbency our of the nappy
  • rinse nappy and place in a dry bucket

  • Wash nappies every second day, long/heavy duty cycle, warm wash is recommended for better cleaning results

  • Line dry, without putting strain on elastics

  • Do not iron, Tumble drying will shorten the life span of your nappies and is only recommended occasionally, on low.

For full detailed instructions view our washing & care page
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