How to go out & about with cloth nappies like a BOSS!

How to go out & about with cloth nappies like a BOSS!
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So you’ve got bubs ready, grabbed the nappy bag, and finally, you are ready for an adventure! Or at least a quick grocery run while she has a nap. But how do you handle out and about with cloth nappies? You handle it just like you do everything else. . . . . . . like the pro mum that you are of course!


1. Pack it: Just like with disposables, Grab a couple of nappies that are prepped and ready to put straight on bubs bum. Don't forget wipes and a throw to put on the icky public change tables to protect bubs.

2. Bag it: When it comes to the public change time, eeek! do it just like you would at home but throw the nappy in a waterproof bag to deal with later of course!

3. that's it. . . yes it really is that simple! now stop worrying. . . your adventure is waiting

Not sure what nappy to use? our customers choose the all in one multi fit nappy as the easiest nappies to use when out and about





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